Closing The Loop: Why You May Get Fired By Your Start-Up Company

Last week I saw “Looper” starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“JGL”).  Looper is set in the dystopic future of the 2070s where committing murder is virtually impossible due to GPS tracking devices implanted in every person.  To circumvent the authorities, the mafia sends its targets 30 years back in time where a Looper waits to make the kill and dispose of the evidence.  Read the rest of this entry

Secrets to the Hot Body You Want – By Amy Lynn Grover

You want to just feel good in you body and comfortable in your own skin?!  I hate to break it to you, but that cardio machine you spend all your precious workout time on isn’t going to get rid of whatever you’re trying to lose.  Cardio is great for your heart, circulation and looking good in clothes (once you have lifted weights), however lifting weight will help you attain lasting results that will make you look great naked as well as great in clothes; plus you will get better results faster! 

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New Year’s Resolution – By Amy Lynn Grover

Every year people gain a ton of weight over the holidays, which in my opinion is the catalyst of weight gain for the entire year, it’s no wonder that the top New Year’s Resolution is “TO LOSE WEIGHT”.   This year make your New Years resolutions specific, measurable, action oriented and timed so that they can be attainable. People are often set up to fail from the get go when they say they want to ”lose weight”, “quit smoking”, “save money” etc., because it’s an idea, instead of a thought out plan of action and well because they haven’t got the slightest clue on how they are going to actually carry out the plan.

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Add some variety to your Cardio Routines – By Amy Lynn Grover

It doesn’t have to be rough and it doesn’t always have to be high intensity or painfully boring on treadmills or stairmasters… It can be really fun especially if you do it in a group! Get past the first 5-10 minutes and your endorphins will start kicking in and driving your body through your session with a passionate energetic fiery high! 

Your body is smart, and will get used to things you do all the time.  It’s a good idea to mix up the activities you do, and also select both low and high intensity exercises. Read the rest of this entry

Chest and Back Workout (with some cardio options) – By Amy Lynn Grover

Chest and Back workout, with some cardio options: From Amy Lynn Grover

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Training for the pros: Pittsburgh Steelers By Corbin Bryant

Whats up everybody? I’m defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I’m going to take you through a typical week of practice. There are a lot of things that go into preparing for a game in just a week’s time.

Let’s start at the beginning of the week: Coaches and players grind through film, breaking down the opponent’s every move to be best prepared for Sunday. Players also lift weights on Monday and Tuesday to prepare for a grueling Wednesday. The focus of the Steelers’ in-season lifting program is to strengthen our weaknesses and get the soreness out of our bodies from the past weekend’s game. After all the lifts are complete, players head to the cold tubs to further prepare their bodies for practice.

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The couple who muds together, stays together by Alison Bullock

Sean and I had about 10 seconds to decide how we were going to approach the 20-foot drop in front of us.  After five miles of running up and down a muddy mountain, the plunge might actually be refreshing.  Chilly 65-degree water waited below – plus five more miles to go.

Sean and I have always been the “athletic friends.”  Even before we started dating two years ago, we were both always in the gym working out individually.  He played football in college, and I played field hockey.  He is a certified strength and conditioning coach, and I take advantage of the fact that I basically have a free personal trainer.  It was a match made in varsity athlete heaven. Read the rest of this entry

Camaraderie: Never Underestimate it. By Colin Lynch

There are many ways to breakdown and analyze what factors into the success of a team. Talent is usually the fastest avenue to success as far as building a thriving sports organization is concerned. Better players – better team.

But as we know as athletes and fans, the most talented team doesn’t always win. Sometimes the most talented team doesn’t even make the finals, or the playoffs. Of course when we talk about talent, we’re almost always referring to physical talent. God given abilities that at times seem virtually inhuman.

Attention-grabbing feats such as 4.3 40-yard dashes, 50 inch verts, and the ability and strength to bench press 225 pounds 45 times. But what about a player’s ability to fill a role on a team? How do you measure an athletes’ God-given ability to understand how he or she can make the team better, even if it is not in their personal best interest?

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Not everyone can be a leader but anyone can be follower by Bruce Vieira

Not everyone can be a leader, but everyone can be follower in this world.  Leadership isn’t something that is taught — it is something that a person is born with in their heart. As athletes, we separate ourselves as leaders by leading by example so others can follow.  Some lead by being vocal, but an ultimate leader has the ability to do both.

In sports, every team chooses captains to lead their team. These individuals are prime examples of leaders and have all the qualities that some people just don’t have.   These qualities are why they have the privilege of being the leaders of their teams, or in some cases even their countries. Leaders always encourage others to strive for perfection, and always remind others that it’s about the team and not the individual.

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Real Girls Lift Weights By Alison Bullock

I was working out a few days ago in the stereotypical “meathead section” of the gym (read: the weight room) just doing the bench press (90 pounds, no big deal), and a girl on the rack next to me asked me how long I’ve been lifting.  When I actually thought about it, I realized I’ve been lifting weights for a solid 6 years.

I never started intentionally, but we had to lift with my field hockey team at Northwestern, so I guess that’s where it all started.  I’m not going to lie, I went through a phase where I was worried lifting would make me huge and manly — It was mostly because of the hysteria going around my team, I just jumped on the bandwagon.  It made me feel kind of badass that this girl was impressed enough by what I was doing that she assumed I’d been lifting for a long time and, well, I guess I have, but my views on it have totally changed.

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